Human Appeal on how you can help those in need during Ramadan

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the fourth of the religion’s five pillars, Ramadan is a time when Muslims across the world fast during daylight hours. It’s also considered to be a particularly important time to be charitable.

One organisation that’s well aware of the importance of charitable giving during Ramadan is Human Appeal. Here, we take a look at some of the ways in which the non-profit humanitarian aid and development organisation encourages people to contribute during this sacred month.

Donating to worthy causes

The charity runs a Ramadan campaign that provides supporters with a range of opportunities to give money to those in need. One example is a Food Parcel project that enables donors to sponsor a family for the month so that they can eat properly. Another project allows people to help ensure that children in poverty have nice clothes to wear on Eid. The charity points out that one of the preferred sunnah acts on this day is to wear new items of clothing as a demonstration of happiness. However, many youngsters aren’t able to enjoy this feeling of celebration because their parents or guardians don’t have enough money to buy new clothes for them. Its Eid Clothing project allows donors to give money to purchase garments for these children.

Another way in which Human Appeal offers people a chance to help those in need during Ramadan is through its Income Generation projects, which help families in poverty to earn a decent income and redevelop their communities and societies. These initiatives can provide people with the equipment, start-up capital and training they need to make money for themselves on an ongoing basis.

People can also give money to the charity’s Build a Water Well projects that provide people in countries such as Somalia, Senegal, Bangladesh and Afghanistan with access to clean, safe water. Highlighting the importance of this issue, Human Appeal highlights the fact that over two billion people worldwide lack access to adequate water supplies.


As well as offering a chance to donate money to projects like these, the charity suggests a number of other ways that people can do their bit for good causes during Ramadan and throughout the the year. For example, Human Appeal UK encourages supporters to volunteer their time and skills. On its website, the charity notes that people can take part fundraising events and they can arrange their own fundraising activities. They can also run collections at schools, mosques and universities and promote the work the organisation does on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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