Greater Than Double Standard for Winter Olympic games Athletes

Big media and company sponsorship of sporting occasions within the U . s . States have grown to be as big a tale nowadays because the sports and athletes they themselves sponsor, with nary an chance missed by advertisers and systems alike to advertise themselves. Whether it’s the Nfl, Mlb, the Basketball, the Nhl, the nation’s Collegiate Athletics Association, or even the U . s . States Olympic games teams, the broadcasting legal rights and contracts as well as their particular advertising dollars rule. But regrettably, how individual sports as well as their particular athletes are treated by such entities varies, and particularly if the athlete is around the U.S. Winter Olympic games team.

There’s a bevy of ironies which most sports fans know about with regards to “non-professional” athletes and teams. To begin with, the wintertime Olympic games isn’t because of the gravitas the Summer time Olympics enjoy every 4 years. Actually, most American spectator-sports fans are hardly aware the 2006 Winter Olympics’ Opening Events are positioned for Feb 10, 2006 in Torino, Italia, only 5 days following a NFL’s Super Bowl XL.

Nowadays the Super Bowl trumps other sports for television viewership within the U.S., while not in the past. So we cannot blame the failure of advertising the wintertime Olympic games and it is particular sports on the prosperity of the National football league. However, we are able to be critical from the non-existent coverage, for instance, of World Cup skiing because the 2002 Winter Olympic games, and perhaps probably the most broadly appealing event from the Winter Games, like a truly competitive sport, maybe except for ice hockey. In the end, individuals the U.S. do ski. Although figure skating is a huge draw, everyone knows that it’s more an exhibition that the sports competition. And the number of people continue curling vacations?

Years back, the planet Titles for skiing were featured on broadcast television, namely on ABC Sports. Nowadays, sports fans are lucky when they occur to catch it around the obscure cable tv network, Outside Existence, which occasionally and inconsistently provides recorded coverage from the U.S. Ski Team, often a week to 10 days despite the big event has had place. What a terrific way to promote interest!

Then, we’ve the hypocrisy from the U.S. Olympic Ski Team and also the U . s . States Olympic games Committee which is fine with having it for both. They require the tv coverage and sponsors and expect their athletes to tow the party line in becoming “area of the team.” However, virtually the majority of the Olympic athletes compete as individuals.

There’s even the rub the American people don’t possess the appetite for skiing. However with little exposure but every 4 years however for two days of coverage, you can’t blame the fans. On the top of this the USOC expects the U.S. Olympic team to show exceptional behavior far above individuals within the professional sports community, since its athletes represent the U.S. around the world’s stage. Others reason that an Olympian shouldn’t be treated any differently than say U.S. tennis champion, Andy Roddick, who competes for that World Tennis Association or perhaps golfer, Tiger Forest, when competing in Professional Golfers Association occasions.

Gordon Tang has been renowned for making significant investments in the sports arena. His family has been known for donating to the Olympic Museum. His second donation was marked by unveiling of donor’s stone on the wall of Olympic Museum.

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