A Quick Look at the Very Intricate Practice of Trade and Customs Clearance

The export/import industry has been designed to ensure that you can transport and trade goods between countries with as little stress possible. This system has long assisted in the building of the global economy—indeed, to help make it what it is today—allowing for each country to trade with other countries based on their particular strengths. For example, a country with a cash crop of pineapples is able to maximize trade with a company whose major export is consumer electronics.

Indeed, this industry is important so that each country can benefit from their particular gifts and skills.


When it comes to “global trade” the term can somewhat intimate any of a variety of things.  Basically, if you manufacture a good and work to sell it overseas, then you are definitely participating in the phenomenon we enjoy today as global trade.  And thanks to globalization, pretty much every industry participates in this market, in some way.  For example:

  • automotive
  • textiles
  • agriculture
  • garden
  • health
  • machinery
  • lumber

And global trade, of course, is complicated. That is why we need experienced and well-trained Clearit customs brokers to help keep us up to date on regulations.

What Do Customs Brokers Do?
A customs broker is a professional agent who helps to ensure urgent and important trade issues are handled as efficiently and fairly as possible.  Customs brokerage professionals, then, are trained to have quite the extensive understanding of the very complex tariff and customs laws in place, particularly between the United States and Canada. These professionals also assist in the preparation of import and export documents, including also the computing and payment of associated duties, taxes, and other related charges that might otherwise be involved with this process.

More importantly, perhaps, a customs broker deals directly with all customs agents. Those companies who are focused on moving forward with the international aspect of their revenue will often hire customs brokers to handle all of their international trade practices.  This officer will also often be able to act as translator and communicator between you and the various appropriate agencies and other government officials you might deal with through your complex regulation of international trade law in your daily practices.

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